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5 Reasons You Should Use A Hair Thickening Spray

Losing you hair can make you feel extremely self conscious, although many of us don’t really worry too much about hair loss, until we start to lose it.  This is where products like our Instant Hair Thickening Spray, can help to enhance the look and feel of your hair, giving you a real boost in confidence and helping your hair to once again become your crowning glory.

Unisex Hair Thickening Spray
Used by 1000’s of men and women of all ages.

Not convinced a Hair Thickening Spray will work for you?  Here’s 5 great reasons why it will:

1.  RESTRAND Hair Thickening Spray offers a fast, effective solution to thinning hair

RESTRAND Hair Thickening Spray works by coating the hairs with a fine layer of liquid oxide which bonds to the hair strands, thickening them, thereby resulting in the appearance of a thicker, fuller head of hair.

RESTRAND covers bald patches and scalp show-through to give you the appearance of a full head of hair.

The formula can be used as often as you feel you need to.

2.  RESTRAND Hair Thickening Spray offers a perfect match for your hair colour

The unique Hair Thickening Spray comes in a wide variety of colours, meaning that you will have no problem finding the right shade to match your existing tones.  Once applied, the product offers an invisible solution to users looking to enhance the appearance of fine or thinning hair or simply to cover up any bald patches.

If after purchase you are not entirely happy with the colour then we will gladly exchange it for a darker/lighter shade.

3.  RESTRAND Hair Thickening Spray offers durable protection

Designed to withstand the rigours of daily life, the formula will remain in your hair until you choose to wash it out.  Easy to apply and simple to remove, RESTRAND instantly changes the appearance of your hair for as long as you need it to.

4.  RESTRAND is suitable for both men and women

Whatever your style, age or hair type, RESTRAND offers you a fast and effective way to look and feel young again.  The proven formula is suited just as well to short hair styles as it is to longer ones.

5.  RESTRAND can take years off your appearance in just a few moments 

Turn back time with an Instant Hair Thickening Spray that actually works.  We are the UK’s leading supplier of hair thickening products and have helped 1000’s of customers to feel great again.  A full head of hair will not only make you look younger, it will also help you feel more confident and reinvigorated.


What Is ‘Spray On Hair’? Your Questions Answered

Hair Thickener | Spray On Hair
Hair Thickener | Spray On Hair

RESTRAND has been solving hair loss problems for years but for anyone who isn’t aware of our innovative spray, here are some common questions and answers about our Spray On Hair Thickener.

What Is Spray on Hair?

Our Spray on Hair Thickener is a simple, yet effective product designed to make bald bald spots vanish by thickening thinning hair. The unique formula is sprayed directly onto the thinning hair, using a drip-free aerosol spray.  The product comes in a wide variety of colours to ensure that you can always find a match to your existing hair.

How Does It Work?

Our Spray On Hair Thickener works by gently coating each hair with a fine layer of liquid oxide, which dries almost immediately. This bonds to the hair strands, thickening them, thereby resulting in the appearance of a thicker, fuller head of hair, instantly making you feel more confident.   Because the spray is so lightweight, it will not weigh down your existing hair but will instead give each strand more volume, whilst blending in naturally with your own hair. 

Easy and quick to apply, you can completely change your appearance within minutes helping you look and feel better. It is completely undetectable.

Will it match my existing hair colour?

Yes. RESTRAND Spray On Hair Thickener comes in 9 hair matching colours, carefully selected to match most hair shades.  Simply choose the one that you think is the closest match to your existing hair, and then try it in the comfort of your own home. If you decide you need a lighter or darker colour,  you can simply exchange it for a more suitable one.

Is it safe?

RESTRAND Hair Thickener is a non-allergenic product; the ingredients of which have been tested and used in cosmetic and skin applications such as lipsticks and eye make-up.
RESTRAND Hair Thickener is widely used in the entertainment industry and is used by thousands of ordinary people.

How long will it last?

Obviously each persons needs are different but the average re-order time is 6 weeks. The great thing about RESTRAND Spray On Hair is that it offers you a simple, fast and effective solution for your hair loss worries. Use it every day as part of your hair care regime, or save it for special occasions, whatever suits you best.

Will it come out?

RESTRAND will simply wash away when you shampoo your hair.  If you want to protect your new look in-between washes, the use of an Activator spray is recommended to seal your style and give your new hair a natural shine. It will also make it wind, water and perspiration resistant.

Find out more at: www.restrand.co.uk

Ageing Hair And How To Handle It

Over time, hair can become very thin and brittle, and you may mourn the loss of your glorious thick locks.

A healthy diet, gentle hair care products and keeping well hydrated can all help you hair to look and feel that little bit younger once again.  Whilst nothing can completely prevent the march of time, and the inevitable effects it will have on your hair, here are some great ways to treat it kindly in the meantime:


1. Start with your scalp

Your scalp often gets forgotten about when it comes to the condition of our hair.  The scalp is simply an extension of your skin, and therefore requires the same amount of pampering as your face.  Choosing shampoos or conditioners that contain Vitamin E, Panthenol oil or coconut oil help to increase the suppleness of your scalp, making it feel smoother, and healthier all over.

2. Choose A Shampoo With Anti-Ageing Properties

Older hair can feel limp and lifeless, but it can also become weighed down with the use of too much shampoo.  The natural loss of proteins and lipids over time, can leave hair looking dull and feeling coarse.  Put some life back into your bonnet by choosing a shampoo that is designed to replenish lost nutrients, whilst adding subtle volume.

3.  Try An Instant Hair Thickener

You can purchase products that will instantly give your hair the appearance of being fuller and thicker all over.  These are perfect for anyone suffering with thinning hair or looking to hide hair loss or cover bald patches. Instant hair thickeners come in a range of colours to seamlessly blend in with the rest of your hair.  RESTRAND Instant Hair Thickener is the UK’s best selling Hair Thickening Spray.  It gently coats and matches each hair to give you added texture and thickness, cleverly covering bald patches and scalp show-through until you choose to shampoo it away.

4.  Change Your Colour

A new colour can add new life to ageing hair.  As we age, cell renewal slows down and our complexion becomes duller and paler, causing subtle changes in our skin tone.  This means the colour of your hair will also start to look different.  Choose subtle tones, not too far removed from your natural colour to help enhance shine and add light reflecting pigments to your hair.  A new colour will not only make your hair look grand again, it can also make you feel 20 years younger!

5.  Keep Visiting The Hairdresser

Thinning hair, or bald spots may make you feel concerned about going to the hairdresser.  But actually, you should still make regular trims a priority as keeping the hair in good condition eradicate spilt ends and will keep your hair looking well groomed and frizz free.  Your hairdresser will understand your concerns about hair loss, and will be gentle with you.

We all get older and our hair, face and bodies change with age.  Embrace the changes and live your best life with the help of RESTRAND Instant Hair Thickener.

The Ultimate Guide To Hair Loss For Men

Worried about hair loss?
Worried about hair loss?

Some men go bald very early on in life, whilst others have a full head of hair until the end.  Some men embrace their baldness, whilst others try to prevent it from taking hold.  Whatever your thoughts on the matter, here is our guide to male pattern baldness and hair loss for men.

What Causes Hair Loss In Men?

Male pattern badness affects over half of men over the age of 50, and is linked to the your genetic make-up and hormonal imbalances.  It is the most common cause of baldness in men, and one that many people just accept is a natural side effect of growing older.

Male Pattern Baldness (or Androgenetic Alopecia, to give the condition its medical name),  is made up of two very distinct factors.  The first being changes in hormones that take place as we age, and the second is how prone you are to baldness based on your family history.

Chances are, if both your parents suffered (and yes, woman can suffer from pattern baldness too), then the chances of losing your own hair are dramatically increased.

Despite popular myths, male pattern baldness is not caused by stress, wearing hats, or even pulling your ponytail too tight.  It is simply something you will, or won’t suffer from depending on your own physiology.

 Do Hair Loss Treatments Work?

If you believe everything you read in the newspapers or see on TV, you probably think you can grow a whole new head of hair, just by rubbing in a wonder potion that will cure your baldness in one go!  The simple truth is that this is not the case.

Whether hair loss treatments are effective or not, really depends on the end result that you consider to be a success.  Some people simply want to stop any further hair loss, while others are looking for a miracle re-thatch that will make them look 20 years younger.

In the UK there are only 2 types of hair loss treatment available.  These are based on the following:

Minoxidil – First used on patients with heart disease where hair growth was noted as a significant side effect, this formula is considered to be effective.  It should applied twice a day, and can take up to four months for the any noticeable results to be seen.

Finasteride – This works by inhibiting the action of an enzyme in the body called type II 5-alpha reductase, thus reducing the production of the DHT hormone that can damage hair follicles and lead to hair loss in men.

Either of the above will have some side-effects to contend with including loss of sex-drive, rashes and other irritations across to the body. Neither medicine is available on the NHS, and you will need to pay for your treatment out of your own pocket.

What Do The Doctors Say?

While many in the medical profession accept that going bald can be traumatic for men at any age, many are also sceptical about miracle hair loss cures that may not show any significant improvement in the appearance of the hair.

Is There An Effective Solution For Hiding Hair Loss?

Simply put, yes there is. If you are gradually losing your hair, and are looking for a way to keep the appearance of baldness at bay there are options available to you. Of the Hair Loss Products available, RESTRAND is the go to brand. Their hair loss concealer spray is suitable for both men and women. The cutting edge formula will instantly transform the look of your hair and will cover bald patches, hair loss and general thinning.

Available in a wide range of colours to ensure a perfect match, RESTRAND Instant Hair Thickening Spray is applied in seconds and lasts until you decide to shampoo it away, perfect for added coverage whenever you need it.

Regain Your Crowning Glory With RESTRAND Instant Hair Thickener


Thick and lustrous locks are a wonderful example of healthy hair, and are always very much in style. Adding the use of an instant hair thickener to your hair care regime can add volume and dramatically enhance your appearance. The experts at RESTRAND understand just how important your hair is to your overall confidence and well being.

Well groomed shorter styles or long over the shoulder styles can look and feel great on both men and women. However, over time hair can start to thin and lose some of its former glory.  A combination of stress, hormonal imbalances, heath conditions and your own genetic make up, can lead to those once strong locks becoming lacklustre and limp.

Instantly Thicker Hair
Instantly Thicker Hair

Traditionally, people have spent many a lost hour trying to create extra volume using various cutting, drying and styling techniques whilst some resort to ‘combing over’ to give the impression of a thicker, fuller head of hair.

Fortunately, thanks to an innovative new formula, you can say goodbye to the blow-dries and expensive stylists and enjoy an instant boost with RESTRAND Instant Hair Thickener.  Designed to instantly improve volume and help to cover bald patches and hair loss, this miracle solution gives the appearance of thicker, fuller hair in one spray.

Instant Hair Thickener From RESTRAND

Don't fret about hair loss
Don’t fret about hair loss

As you are probably aware there are a multitude of lotions and potions available on the market, all promising to deliver glossier, healthier and fuller hair for everyone. Depending on your individual requirements, you can change the colour and texture of your hair, and even cover up the parts where the hair no longer grows.  With so much choice, you will no doubt be able to find a product that promises to change both your hair and your life!  RESTRAND Instant Hair Thickener is one of these products with the difference being that it really does work!

RESTRAND instantly transforms the appearance of thin or balding hair. 

Scientifically developed to enhance the appearance of the hair,  It will make a real difference to the overall appearance of the hair.

The advanced formula bonds to the hair shaft, making the hair thicker and more vibrant with colour. It is easy to apply and can be easily removed using warm water and shampoo.

Using RESTRAND is a quick and easy way to improve the appearance of thinning or balding hair. One application can strip years away from your appearance.

Colour Your Life With RESTRAND Instant Hair Thickener

RESTRAND comes in a variety of colours, all of which are designed to blend in with your own natural hair colour.

Don't worry about thinning hair
Don’t worry about thinning hair

RESTRAND Instant Hair Thickener is ideal for men and women of all ages, and stays in place until you choose to shampoo it away.  A simple, fast, and effective solution for hiding hair loss improving the appearance of your hair.

Look great and feel younger in one easy application.

Sold exclusively at: www.restrand.co.uk