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A New Hair Loss Treatment May Be Closer Than We Think

If you are growing tired of going over the same old articles describing methods to regrow hair that have been around for ages, join the club. There seems to be no limit to the number of studies which have been done on hair transplants, hair-thickening shampoos, and topical treatments, and they all lead to a similar result. The end of the road for almost every known hair loss treatment is that it works sometimes, and other times it doesn’t. Even if you are one of the lucky few that current hair therapy works for, there is still a degree of success that comes into play and you won’t know how successful your treatment has gone until a few months have passed. On top of that, the cost and effort required to make most of the current methods work can be a bit unrealistic for many people.

Bald man looking hopeful
Bald man looking hopeful

It is high time to find a different approach, and luckily there are several brilliant minds working to make new discoveries all the time. One of these is a process in which pattern baldness can be stopped, and even reversed by using cell therapy in the affected areas. Androgenic alopecia is the most common cause for pattern baldness in both men and women, and it is caused when certain cells called dermal sheath cup cells are damaged by androgen hormones. The cells that are affected by the androgen hormone have receptors as part of their makeup which makes them naturally predisposed to getting killed off after there has been a lot of exposure to the hormone. Interestingly, only a portion of the hair on a person’s head has dermal sheath cup cells that have receptors for the hormone, which is the reason that only a part of a person’s head will go bald. Most of the cup cells that rest at the base of the hair follicles at the sides and back of the head are devoid of the receptors making them naturally immune to the hormone.

This new cell therapy method focuses on taking those dermal sheath cup cells from the areas of the scalp where they do not have receptors for the damaging hormone and repopulating them into the affected areas. The idea behind this form of cell therapy is that once these new cells take hold in the affected zones, there should be a permanent solution that works extremely well in growing healthy and natural hair without the need for expensive surgeries and/or long-term dedication to maintaining a topical treatment regimen.

Other potential positives for a treatment of this kind, are that the hair loss industry would be able to step away from the dangerous and unpleasant side effects that are common with the current methods. Side effects such as the loss of libido and difficulty in maintaining erections during sex are very common with some of the current medications and are, needless to say, quite unwelcome. Other side effects include headaches, loss of appetite, and difficulty in sleeping, to name just a few. Some of the more serious potential side effects that can be seen on the label of one of the most famous drugs for hair loss, Propecia, include foggy mind, chronic depression, and suicidal thoughts. The other most common hair loss treatment, Rogaine, has been known to cause a wide variety of troubling side effects as well, and that leaves very few other options that could be considered generally safe.

As time goes on, all we can hope is that the science behind our hair loss problems continues to mature. Discoveries and new methods like the one mentioned in this article are exactly what we are looking for, and we have to say that the news is very exciting. Let’s see where this new school of thought takes us.

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