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The Ultimate Guide To Hair Loss For Men

Worried about hair loss?
Worried about hair loss?

Some men go bald very early on in life, whilst others have a full head of hair until the end.  Some men embrace their baldness, whilst others try to prevent it from taking hold.  Whatever your thoughts on the matter, here is our guide to male pattern baldness and hair loss for men.

What Causes Hair Loss In Men?

Male pattern badness affects over half of men over the age of 50, and is linked to the your genetic make-up and hormonal imbalances.  It is the most common cause of baldness in men, and one that many people just accept is a natural side effect of growing older.

Male Pattern Baldness (or Androgenetic Alopecia, to give the condition its medical name),  is made up of two very distinct factors.  The first being changes in hormones that take place as we age, and the second is how prone you are to baldness based on your family history.

Chances are, if both your parents suffered (and yes, woman can suffer from pattern baldness too), then the chances of losing your own hair are dramatically increased.

Despite popular myths, male pattern baldness is not caused by stress, wearing hats, or even pulling your ponytail too tight.  It is simply something you will, or won’t suffer from depending on your own physiology.

 Do Hair Loss Treatments Work?

If you believe everything you read in the newspapers or see on TV, you probably think you can grow a whole new head of hair, just by rubbing in a wonder potion that will cure your baldness in one go!  The simple truth is that this is not the case.

Whether hair loss treatments are effective or not, really depends on the end result that you consider to be a success.  Some people simply want to stop any further hair loss, while others are looking for a miracle re-thatch that will make them look 20 years younger.

In the UK there are only 2 types of hair loss treatment available.  These are based on the following:

Minoxidil – First used on patients with heart disease where hair growth was noted as a significant side effect, this formula is considered to be effective.  It should applied twice a day, and can take up to four months for the any noticeable results to be seen.

Finasteride – This works by inhibiting the action of an enzyme in the body called type II 5-alpha reductase, thus reducing the production of the DHT hormone that can damage hair follicles and lead to hair loss in men.

Either of the above will have some side-effects to contend with including loss of sex-drive, rashes and other irritations across to the body. Neither medicine is available on the NHS, and you will need to pay for your treatment out of your own pocket.

What Do The Doctors Say?

While many in the medical profession accept that going bald can be traumatic for men at any age, many are also sceptical about miracle hair loss cures that may not show any significant improvement in the appearance of the hair.

Is There An Effective Solution For Hiding Hair Loss?

Simply put, yes there is. If you are gradually losing your hair, and are looking for a way to keep the appearance of baldness at bay there are options available to you. Of the Hair Loss Products available, RESTRAND is the go to brand. Their hair loss concealer spray is suitable for both men and women. The cutting edge formula will instantly transform the look of your hair and will cover bald patches, hair loss and general thinning.

Available in a wide range of colours to ensure a perfect match, RESTRAND Instant Hair Thickening Spray is applied in seconds and lasts until you decide to shampoo it away, perfect for added coverage whenever you need it.

The top men’s hairstyles to hide thinning hair 2017

It can be a pain to style your hair if you have suffered from excessive hair loss. However, you do not want to have to settle for a hairstyle that is not fashionable or flattering for you just because of a few problem areas. That’s why we have compiled a list of men’s hairstyles that are trending for 2017 but are also ideal for concealing any bald patches:

Short and textured

man with short and textured hairstyle
Man with short and textured hairstyle

Perfect for men who have bald patches at the front of the head, beyond a receding hairline. A classic style that is ideal for any men dealing with thinning hair is the short and textured style. The ‘messy’ style gives the illusion that you have more hair on the top because of the added volume. Whilst the shortness of the hair will make the hair feel thicker.

A texturing product that is run through the hair will create a textured look. If your hair is naturally straight, try spiking it a little with a very small amount of

Parted fringe

Daniel Craig sporting a side parting
Daniel Craig sporting a side parting


Sported by the likes of Ryan Gosling and Daniel Craig, the parted fringe is perfect for men who have a receding hairline and want a classic look. Ensure to grow your hair longer on the top and keep the sides and back short to make this style work to your advantage. The idea with this hairstyle is to wear your hair forward to conceal the hairline. It is best to use a lightweight product to hold the style in place without weighing it down.

The Fade

young man with a hair fade
young man with a hair fade

Perfect for men who still have hair at the front but are noticing the first signs of thinning hair. Additionally, a good option for men who have jobs where they can show off their creative

An undercut or fade will make the hair on the top look more prominent, due to the contrast from the shorter back and sides. You will need hair of medium length to see the full potential of this hairstyle. Start by combing the hair on the top across to the opposite side to create maximum fullness, top this off with adding volumising powder at the roots to add in extra fullness.

Swept back

Man with swept back hair
Man with swept back hair


Perfect for men who are dealing with any balding around the crown of their head. This slick, swept back hairstyle is super stylish and great at taking the focus away from the bald patch. It is best to keep your fringe a lot longer, with a shorter length for the back and sides, to complete this look. This hairstyle works because it will create some height at the front, extending all the way back to the crown of the head, using the longer hair at the front to hide the thinning at the

You will need to create volume in your fringe to make this hairstyle; this can be done using a hair dryer that you can use to help structure the look. You will also need a styling paste to secure the style in

To ensure extra coverage for your new-do, why not purchase our hair loss concealer, UK based products? Our products are designed to naturally conceal any balding patches to leave you with a seamless look you will be happy to show off.


Image credits: discutivo