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A Hair Spray To Help You To Look Young Again…


Going bald or losing hair is a natural part of growing old.  Whilst it is nothing to be ashamed of, some people do not feel comfortable as they start to thin out on top.  With confidence receding as quickly as your hairline, it is totally normal to look for hair loss concealers that can help to disguise your fading follicles.

Here at RESTRAND, we understand just how wonderful a full head of hair can make you feel.  You will look and feel younger. Our brand leading hair loss concealer can help to hide any bald spots or areas of thinning, leaving you feeling youthful and confident once again.

Picture Of A Smiley Happy Woman
Look And Feel Better

Don’t Hide, Disguise!

Losing your hair can make you feel reluctant to get dressed up, and may even see you hiding away from social gatherings or special occasions.  With our uniquely formulated hair loss concealer, we can give you back the confidence you need to live life to the full again.

As a quick and easy temporary cover for thinning hair or bald patches, our hair loss concealer allows you to apply a perfectly matched formula to the existing hair, giving seamless coverage for the whole head.

Disguising any area that makes your feel uncomfortable will instantly give you the boost you need to feel good about your hair.

How Does Our Hair Loss Concealer Work?

Our proven scientific formula gives a fine coating to each hair, which can be applied and built up to your exact requirements. Our hair loss concealer is available in a wide range of colours, you should have no problem finding the perfect tone to match your shade.

Applied to the hair using a spray, the preparation is so easy to use that it will quickly blend in to your everyday routine.  Or, save your hair loss concealer for times that require that extra “wow” factor.

Use RESTRAND To Help Rebuild Your Confidence

RESTRAND hair loss concealer will instantly make your hair look thicker and fuller, helping to conceal areas of hair loss or thinning hair.  Scientifically proven, the formula contains an undetectable liquid-talc, which dries almost instantly to cling to your follicles and thus alleviating the appearance of fine or thinning hair.

The result is a new, completely undetectable, fuller head of hair.  No one need know that you are using this innovative hair loss concealer, as the colour will match perfectly to your existing shade. In fact, we offer more colours and shades than any other hair loss concealer on the market today, so you will find the exact colour to perfectly suit your needs.

Don’t feel discouraged by thinning hair, or ashamed of your bald patches.  RESTRAND can breathe new life into your tired hair and give you back the thicker and fuller locks you so desire, quickly and easily.

The Inѕ аnd Outs of Hаіr Trаnѕрlаntаtіоn

Losing your hair is something which affects around half of all men, and can result in a lot of distress and worry. Many people who are suffering from baldness are constantly looking for different ways to resolve the problem so that they can once again enjoy having a full head of hair, and the confidence that goes with it. If you suffer from thinning hair and baldness, you may possibly have considered hair transplantation surgery, however this is a treatment that can prove to be extremely expensive as well as invasive. Here, we look at what exactly is involved in having a hair transplant.

Hair transplant procedure
Hair transplant procedure

What Exactly Is Hair Transplantation Surgery?

This kind of surgery involves taking hair from one area of the body and moving it to the head to cover bald patches. Although the first hair transplants were carried out as long ago as the 1950s, modern techniques have undergone a number of changes and there are now two methods which can be used. The first is a FUSS procedure (short for Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) and the second is called FUE (or Follicular Unit Extraction Surgery). The FUSS treatment involves having a strip of skin measuring between 6 and 10 inches removed from the head and then the scalp being sewed closed. The removed scalp is then split up into small grafts that have individual hairs on them. During the FUE method, the back of the scalp is shaved, the follicles removed, and grafts are prepared. For both methods, the next step is to have the grafts placed on the parts of the head where more hair is required. The entire procedure can take as long as 8 hours or as few as 4 depending on the site of the transplant.

How Well Will I Recover?

Hair transplantation is a form of surgery, so patients should expect their scalp to be painful for a few days following the procedure and may need to take strong painkillers. Bandages need to be worn for a few days and antibiotics may also need to be taken to prevent possible infections. Patients will also need to stay away from work for around 5 days. After a couple of weeks, patients will notice that the transplanted area of hair will fall out, and while this may be alarming, new growth will appear to cover that area within a couple of months, with most patients seeing brand new hair growth within 9 months of the treatment.

What Are The Downsides Of Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplant surgery is very expensive, and it also comes with several risks. Some patients experience infections or excessive bleeding, while others have scarring or unusual hair growth patterns. Some patients also find that their new hair follicles develop infections which need to be treated with antibiotics, and others find that they lose even more of their original hair at the site of implantation.

Should I Have A Hair Transplant?

Not everyone is a good candidate to have hair transplantation surgery. The candidates who are most likely to be successful are men who have had a steady pattern of hair loss over many years, but whose balding appears to have stabilized. They should also be in good health and be non-smokers in order for the procedure to be most effective.

If you decide that surgery is not the right option for you, there are other ways to disguise the problem of thinning hair that are much more cost-effective and considerably less invasive. A hair loss spray for men can coat the individual strands of hair to cover bald patches and to make the existing hair appear fuller, helping to restore the attractive appearance of your hair while boosting your self-confidence.