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Steer Clear of Hair-Thickening Shampoos

It may seem a bit obvious to those who have never had to deal with the issue of hair loss but putting a lot of products on the scalp that do not completely rinse off causes excessive build up over time, and can be counterproductive.

It can be quite difficult to see through the maze of products that all promise to be the next best thing when it comes to revitalizing the hair. Each product on the shelves says that it makes hair thicker and fuller, but the problem is that they never say just how they go about achieving the claims they make.

For the distraught person who is suffering the unfortunate experience of losing their hair, all of these products begin to look great, and the promises they make begin to make a lot of sense, even without any kind of proof or explanation. The companies that sell hair loss shampoos often create products that make the scalp feel tingly and fresh, and that can be a convincing feeling to those looking for a fast solution to a complex problem. These same companies understand the emotional drive that gets people to buy their products and they do a great job with capitalizing on that fact.

Man having hair washed
Man having hair washed

The tingly feeling on the scalp coming from hair loss shampoos drives sales and is often caused by the inclusion of too many ingredients in the formula. These ingredients are used specifically to provide a clean feeling, but when it comes down to whether these ingredients are actually making the hair any cleaner, it is quite clear that they are not. What they are doing is making the shampoo even more complicated which makes it harder for the body to handle.

Another problem with hair thickening shampoos is that they begin to damage the hair when used at high frequencies. In fact, almost every kind of shampoo can damage hair because it strips away so much of the natural oils and moisture that should be left alone. The key to maintaining healthy hair is finding the balance between how often the hair is washed and how much of the body’s natural oils remains in the hair and on the scalp. There are many hair loss shampoos that actually make it more difficult for the scalp to recover because it is being continually stripped clean of the oils it uses to protect itself. Couple that with the excessive build-up left behind by the shampoo, and the result is a condition that is anything but conducive to healthy hair growth.

A simple rule of thumb for a healthy and well-functioning scalp is that it is always better to use shampoos with fewer ingredients and with simpler formulas. Shampoos that completely rinse out of the hair when used will not create any chemical build-up, and as a result, it becomes easier for the scalp to function as it should. When complex hair care products are used, it is important to keep them off the scalp to prevent any unnecessary irritation or reaction that could very easily make the problem worse than it needs to be.

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