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Hair loss and depression

There are many factors which can contribute to hair loss and the reasons behind your hair loss could be attributed to a combination of influences. Inherited conditions such as male pattern baldness are common instigators of baldness, along with other problems such as vitamin deficiencies and underactive thyroid glands. One of the most common conditions associated with hair loss is that of depression, with depression itself and many of the side-effects directly influencing hair loss.

What Is Depression?

Depression is classed as a serious mental disorder, with around a quarter of people within the UK suffering from a form of depression or mental disorder every year. The condition affects people differently, with some people suffering from more severe cases that often cause them to withdraw and become less interested in daily life.

Depression can be brought about by external influences such as through stress or the death of a loved one, but some people can be more prone to developing it due to their genealogy. The physical side-effects of depression can also vary and those that suffer for long periods of time can be at risk of hair loss; something that can worsen the depression.

Man suffering with depression
Man suffering with depression

The Link Between Depression and Hair Loss

There are many ways that depression can contribute to hair loss; the result of the illness and the treatment of the disorder can all be factors in significant hair loss. Environmental stress that can cause depression can also prolong the resting period that our hair goes through every few years. When our hair stops growing, it goes through a phrase of thinning; stress can be a factor in making this period come about quicker and last longer.

Some of the side-effects of depression, such as rapid weight loss, can also cause hair loss to occur. Loss of appetite during depression is common and when the body loses weight too quickly, it starts to be put under stress. This stress can also instigate the resting period of hair early, causing it to thin and fall out. The low-esteem brought about through depression can also cause people to stop taking care of their hair, allowing it to dry out through lack of nutrients and eventually break or fall out.

One of the most common causes of hair loss in association with depression is the medication that is used to treat it. Certain varieties of anti-depressant such as Prozac are known causers of hair loss, with prolonged use bringing about increased loss of hair in some cases. Again, like many of the links between depression and hair loss, this can cause hair follicles to enter the resting period sooner.

Bring Back Your Confidence With Our Hair Thickening Spray

Individuals who suffer from depression generally have a lower level of confidence than average, affecting their day to day lives in many ways. Having to cope with hair loss on top of the other depression symptoms can stop confidence being re-established, which is why the use of an instant hair thickening spray is so widely adopted. RESTRAND hair thickening spray provides a solution to hair loss. It gives the appearance of a fuller head of hair, and thus reducing the stress related to hair loss. While hair thickening spray can’t stop hair loss, taking a step towards reducing stress can help to build back confidence, especially when seeking help for depression.