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Frightening New Information on Finasteride

Sometimes in life, we are faced with very difficult decisions that have the potential to alter our lives in irreversible ways. If you are one of the millions of men or women who has begun to think about, or has already begun, a hair loss treatment plan, it is likely that you know just how difficult it can be to choose the best and most trusted method of saving your hair. As with almost everything in life, hair loss treatments come with a bit of risk which balances out the potential benefits. Choosing the one that is best for you, therefore, greatly depends on how those risks and benefits appear to you. One of the most talked-about hair loss drugs lately is the repurposed prostate drug called Finasteride. Better known by the brand name, Proscar, this drug has just had a new side effect listed on its label.

Hair loss drugs
Hair loss drugs

As a hair loss treatment, Finasteride is quite effective. There have been a few notable long-term studies that have cited almost 80% success rates in the men and women who took the medicine. That is a fairly respectable success rate for a medicine of this kind, so it is clear why it has become so popular among so many different types of people. The way Finasteride works is by inhibiting the DHT in the system. DHT is the primary cause of pattern baldness and by internally curbing the hormone, the condition also begins to go away. Finasteride has a few things in common with its cousin Rogaine which is that it goes after the DHT, but where it differs is that it is taken internally. Rogaine is a topical treatment comprised as a completely different drug, but the effects are very similar with both products. Finasteride take much longer to begin working as well, and that is mainly due to the fact the treatment is taken in tablet form.

Finasteride produces results, that much is clear, but what is also clear is that there are some side effects that anyone interested in this drug should know about. The most commonly complained about side effects are related to sexual function. In fact, the reports and complaints came in so strongly that an in-depth analysis and further study was ordered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA back in 2010 to understand the connection between the sexual side effects people were experiencing and the medicine itself. The result of the study was that up to 15% of men suffered some form of sexual discomfort and/ or dysfunction and the results prompted the FDA to oblige any company selling the drug to list sexual side effects on the label. Some of the most common side effects cited were reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and reduced semen discharge.

There have been other side effects listed for this drug as well. People have reported feeling dizzy, weak, and faint when taking the medicine, and there have been problems with rashes, swollen scalp tissue, and headaches too. As with all medications, there is no guarantee that any given person will experience any of the side effects, but it is always good to know what is possible before starting a treatment plan. If you are thinking that the benefits can outweigh the risks for you, have a talk with your doctor so that you can get the best advice possible before you begin.

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