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Problems Only Bald Men Will Understand

Baldness may seem like a minor problem, but for many sufferers it is a constant source of worry and stress. Yet with almost 50% of men suffering from hair loss of some kind, it is an incredibly common condition. If you are suffering from thinning hair, you will probably recognise the following problems which will only be understood by bald men.

Bald man with glasses looking glum
Bald man with glasses looking glum
  • Anger at your family members – when you start going bald, you end up looking at the other men in your family and feeling angry about the nature of hereditary baldness. You’ll also be furious at any men in your family who still have hair.
  • Difficulty describing yourself – whether you’re going on a blind date or just arranging to meet someone new it can be hard to know how to describe yourself. Should you make light of the situation and joke about your baldness or should you skirt around it and risk sounding ridiculous by saying that you have “a receding hairline”?
  • People telling you that you look better than ever – although your friends are probably trying to make you feel good about yourself, you know really that it is usually a lie.
  • Forgetting that you had hair – eventually a time will come when you have completely forgotten what it was like to have hair, but then at some point you’ll find an old photograph and you’ll feel furious all over again.
  • Looking older than your years – losing your hair can make you appear to be older than you really are. If you just have a small bald spot or receding from the temples you might be mistaken for being just a few years older, but if you have just a few hairs left you could find that you are mistaken for being in an entirely different generation.
  • Denying the truth – when your hair first starts to fall out you are bound to go through the denial phase. You’ll try to reassure yourself that it’s just excess body hair and that you’re way too young to have this problem.
  • Growing facial hair – when men start going bald, one of the first things that they often feel the need to do is to grow a beard, as if to prove that they are still capable of growing hair – just not on their head.
  • Having a cold or burnt head – most balding men expect their head to start to feel colder than when they had hair, however they are often taken aback by just how cold it can become. Conversely on hot days, there is also the risk of ending up with a burnt scalp.

If you have found that you’re starting to lose your hair, one useful temporary solution is to use an instant hair thickener. By covering bald patches and coating the hair to give the illusion of extra fullness your confidence can be restored and your hair will look great again.