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Enjoy the pool this summer but stop harmful chlorine damage

In the summer months, when the weather starts to get warmer, there is nothing better than heading to the nearest pool to cool off. For those that suffer from hair loss, a simple trip to the pool can be a cause for concern, but it doesn’t have to be. While hair thickening spray can help to bring back the confidence of having a fuller head of hair, many become concerned over the possible damage that chlorine can cause hair. However, with a bit of preparation before going to the pool and some easy to follow guidelines for after, a trip to the pool doesn’t have to damage your hair or knock your confidence.

Lady flicking hair in swimming pool
Lady flicking hair in swimming pool

The Effect of Chlorine on Your Hair

The majority of pools add chlorine to the water to stop the formation of bacteria and to keep the pool safe to use. The side effect to the added chlorine is that it begins to remove the natural oils in hair; oil is used as the natural barrier against damage. With repeat exposure to chlorine, hair can start to show the signs of damage, becoming increasingly drier, brittle and often frizzy.

The levels of chlorine in a pool would have to be substantial to cause these effects instantly, but the damage that can accumulate over time can be concerning to those who already have damaged hair or who suffer from genetic baldness or other types of hair loss. While the chlorine can’t be removed from public pools, the effect it has on hair can be severally reduced.

Preventing Chlorine Damage

There are a number of easy ways to minimise chlorine damage, whether you swim regularly or just take a trip to the pool on hot days. Implementing a few prevention techniques will take the worry out of going for a swim and help your hair to stay in top condition.


  • Invest in a high-quality swim cap– A swim cap is ideal for frequent swimmers who want to completely remove the worry of chlorine damaging their hair. Not all styles of swim cap are the same, with some providing more protection than others, so finding one that fits snuggly is vital.


  • Shampoo and condition your hair– To combat chlorine stripping your hair of its natural oils, make sure that after every trip to the pool you use natural oil boosting shampoos and conditioners. To keep your hair in good condition, giving it back the oils it needs is very important.


  • Benefit from hair pampering– Indulging in a pampering session of leave-in conditioner for your hair every couple of weeks, especially during swim season, will help to keep it in good condition. Using deep conditioners will ensure the nutrients in your hair are replenished after swimming.


  • Add a new barrier to your hair– With chlorine breaking down your hairs natural barrier, adding another barrier can prevent excess damage from chlorine. This can be easily achieved by wetting your hair before a swim. Even more protection can be gained by using spray conditioners after dampening your hair to stop the strands absorbing chlorine.

Nobody should have to avoid the pool because of concerns over hair loss and chlorine damage. There are many options available to those that have experienced hair loss and with our easy to use spray on hair thickener to maintain quality coverage, confidence doesn’t have to be lost in or out of the pool.